An effective recruitment advertising campaign rooted in real stories

Healthcare workers are in high demand, and as an employer that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), GA Creative client Providence has a unique story to tell in its recruitment advertising campaign. Providence believes that a diverse workforce strengthens their ability to deliver health for a better world. As the CEO says, “We encourage and celebrate the gifts in one another. We respect the inherent dignity and worth of every individual. We recognize each interaction as a sacred encounter.” We helped Providence with a recruitment marketing campaign that focused on real stories from caregivers to drive real results.

The power of an inclusive marketing message in our recruitment advertising campaign

We ran digital recruitment advertising campaigns focused on roles available in each region, targeting nurses, technicians, therapists, medical assistants, and more. At the same time, we ran a video and display ad campaign that exclusively focused on Providence’s philosophy around creating a welcoming workplace for everyone. And the results were astounding. We saw that when users were exposed to both a DEI ad and a Role ad, they were more likely to apply. For example, in Alaska, users exposed to a Role ad only had a .03% conversion rate, while those who were exposed to both a Role ad and a DEI ad had a .26% conversion rate. In other words, conversion rates were 8.67x higher when a prospect was exposed to both messages. Similarly, prospects in other states also saw a strong lift in conversions from the DEI campaign.

Authentic advertising and creative that features real people

To authentically portray Providence in the campaign, we gathered dozens of stories from real employees of the organization and captured more than 300 images showcasing the diversity within the caregiver teams. Not only was this library of assets used for the ads, but it was shared through blogs, organic social media posts, and on the careers website.

Communicating that Providence is a workplace committed to inclusion, where everyone’s experiences and talents are valued, helped Providence achieve its talent acquisition goals.

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