Crafting messaging that sells [Work]

Crafting messaging that sells [Work]

Microsoft Windows supports marketing for OEMs such as Dell, Asus and Lenovo by providing retail messaging for consumer and commercial devices, such as notebooks and 2-in-1 convertibles that act as both laptop and tablet.

Microsoft enlisted GA Creative to craft messaging to be used at point-of-sale that not only sells the features of the device, but positions Windows PCs as “must have” devices that customers can rely on to not only achieve more, but also feed their inner creator as they move through their day of work and play.

GA gathers information on devices slated for release and crafts content that helps businesses and consumers choose a computer they’ll love by highlighting features such as:

  • Form factor benefits, whether it’s an ultraslim laptop, a 2-in-1 convertible or a 2-in-1 detachable
  • The experience of using different Microsoft features, such as Cortana intelligent assistant to stay on top of tasks, Windows Hello to log in securely or Windows Ink to take notes or get creative
  • Performance specifications such as battery life, screen resolution or an advanced audio system

Today’s Windows devices are beautifully designed—and they have carefully crafted copy to match.

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Create six pieces of content from one presentation

Create six pieces of content from one presentation

Content marketing is an effective way to increase awareness about and engagement with your company, services, and products; drive clicks to your website and blog; capture new leads; and improve SEO so your company shows up higher in organic searches.

There’s no time like the present to take a look at your existing content and plot out how you’re going to use it in the year to come. The great news is that content you already have can be repurposed for many other uses. For example, here are six pieces of content you can create from one executive presentation.

Create a guide with educational content. Make sure it’s not self-serving—but instead solves a problem or fulfills a need for potential customers. Gate the content on your website to capture information about who is downloading your guide. Be sure to have a strategy in place on how you will follow up with leads after they download the guide before you launch it.

Blog series
The length of your presentation will determine how many blogs you can create in a series. For example, we recently ghostwrote a series on behalf of our client—their 20-page presentation translated into a 4-blog series with each blog at 500-750 words. Feature executive quotes and solicit quotes from customers, vendors, and partners to validate your claims.
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Native ad
According to a study from IHS on behalf of Facebook, by this year, the majority of mobile display ads will be native and represent $53 billion in advertiser spend. Native advertising is more engaging than traditional display advertising and it’s good for elevating your thought leadership position. Make sure to include a compelling CTA at the end of your native ad such as an offer for a free eGuide or trial.
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Animate the individual stats included in the presentation and ask the presenter to provide a voiceover for the presentation in full and share that as gated content on your website as a recorded webinar. Or create an explainer video that does a deep dive on one of the presentation’s topics or a series of videos with content similar to that in your blog series.

According to AdAge, “Video content and video marketing can help your brand boost conversions. For instance, you could create how-to videos, product comparisons, or product demonstrations. You can also reach out to influencers and YouTubers to help showcase your products.” What matters is that you’re incorporating video into your marketing efforts—since your competitors definitely are and since that’s how more and more consumers are making decisions about which brands to support.

Social media posts
Start by using each individual stat in the presentation as its own social media post, designed to encourage shares that reinforce your brand. Pick apart the topics in the presentation and develop individual posts on those, too. Relate them to current trends in the media and use hashtags wherever possible so they are seen in more feeds. Consider encouraging the executive who originally gave the presentation to publish a piece with similar information directly on LinkedIn.

Pull content from your existing presentation then focus your time and resources on making sure your email incorporates dynamic, personalized content—and pops on phones even in dark mode since more and more apps are offering it every day. According to USA Today, “Switching to a black background on your mobile device and apps can be easier on the eyes and sleep rhythms, keep glaringly white screens from disrupting your dozing companion and stop batteries from draining so quickly. Dark mode also benefits those with visual impairments or light sensitivity.”

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GA Creative Scores Another 5 Out of 5 Star Review

GA Creative Scores Another 5 Out of 5 Star Review

We live in an era of hyper-specialization in just about every industry you can imagine. There are construction companies that only build foundations, hospitals without enough generalists, and — of course — tech consulting companies that provide only social media marketing or PHP development.

While companies like those have their uses, working with a different service provider for every need is simply impractical for most small-to-medium-sized businesses. At GA Creative, we pride ourselves in the fact that when our customers bring us a marketing challenge, we can walk through it with them in its entirety.

Our services range from graphic design and social media marketing to content writing for SEO, and we’ve worked with partners in industries as varied as technology, healthcare and nonprofits. Thanks in part to that flexibility and breadth of knowledge, GA Creative has achieved a perfect 5-star ranking on

Clutch is a platform hosting ratings and reviews for B2B businesses. Their business analysts independently verify all sources of feedback on their site, cultivating a trustworthy reputation for both vendors and potential buyers using the site. Thanks to our loyal customers’ willingness to give back, we have received a plethora of positive reviews!

In one of our recent projects, we provided full-stack marketing services to a software development company, developing branding guidelines and then creating content to bring in new high-quality leads. Our partner was pleased with both our work and the energy we brought to the engagement, noting our communication skills and how much everyone involved enjoyed the collaboration.

“They brought a strong presence to the project—they were highly engaged with our business. I never felt like our work was going into a black hole when we assigned it to them. Our team loved working with GA Creative, which is why our engagement continued as long as it did.”

Feedback like this from our customers is incredibly valuable, as it validates the quality of our work to new audiences for future projects.

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Employee engagement is marketing’s job, too

Employee engagement is marketing’s job, too

Three ways marketers can help HR keep employees engaged—and why they should

According to Gallup, “A staggering 87 percent of employees worldwide are not engaged. Many companies are experiencing a crisis of engagement and aren’t aware of it.” Many marketers might see employee engagement as a human resources problem, but there are steps that marketing departments can take to help with employee engagement and retention. Why bother when it’s not in your job description? Given that news of low morale and high turnover can drastically overshadow positive brand messages—and all of your hard work—it’s worth marketers’ time to invest in employee engagement, too.

Here are three ways to support human resources’ efforts in this area:

1. Involve employees in marketing decisions

Letting employees have a say in marketing efforts is a great way to help them feel involved and heard. When crafting campaigns and deciding between directions, run a survey where employees can vote on the direction they like best. When revamping a logo or website, let employees weigh in on what attributes they think should shine through. Or request their ideas for your content marketing program.

2. Interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to spotlight team members

At the heart of any brand is its people, which is why it’s important to allocate marketing resources to spotlighting their great contributions. Create short videos for use on your website with employees talking about what they do at the company or why they like working there. Write a blog series that highlights a different individual or team each month. Celebrate work anniversaries on the company intranet or social media pages.

3. Put some razzle on the HR dazzle

It’s your job to make the company or organization look good to the outside world, but how about making it look good to employees, too? Help HR by creating professional flyers for companywide programs or contests. Create and manage an internal Facebook Group for employees where you post about employee successes and milestones. Brand recruitment incentive or employee reward programs like you would any customer-facing program—and if HR doesn’t have those programs, gather your gaggle of creatives and help brainstorm some ways to reward employees for great work. Then create posters for the bathroom stalls, table toppers for the lunchroom, or shareables for social media to promote programs and, ultimately, help employees feel more recognized and engaged.

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