Brand audit in five steps

Whether it’s a shift in strategy, new products or services to launch, or simply a lack of consistency in your brand story—these are all reasons to conduct a brand audit. Often, it’s at this point that companies realize just how many different brand touchpoints there are and how many different people are communicating on behalf of your brand. Going through a brand audit allows you to engage your internal teams to identify how they interpret and represent your brand—and whether your brand might need a polish or a makeover.

Step 1: Create a comprehensive list of all the ways people are in contact with your brand and the experiences your organization provides. Include examples.

Step 2: Identify a logical way to organize and categorize the list of touchpoints.

Step 3: Assess the experience your company delivers at each touchpoint using a cross-functional team of leaders and frontline employees to evaluate.

Step 4: Conduct research to dive deeper into the impression your brand has on employees and your external target audiences.

Step 5: Determine what you need to continue doing, stop doing, and start doing.

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