Predictive lookalike marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we find and acquire qualified leads. By providing a list of top customers and their URLs, together with any needed filters, you can identify lookalike targets using AI.

There are a lot of companies popping up offering this service. Make sure you do your homework to find the best fit. Our recommendation is to use a company that offers targeted human validation, like LeadCrunch. According to LeadCrunch, “Every lead will be validated using their direct calling teams to verbally confirm opt-ins and business card details as well as answers to any custom profiling requirements needed.”

These are much more focused leads for your sales team to follow up on, because Artificial Intelligence is designed to identify ideal customers. Here are the top three best practices for predictive lead follow-up according to LeadCrunch:

#1: Be persistent

  • Ideally, with predictable prospecting, you should follow-up with a well-designed cadence of touches using email, phone, and LinkedIn across five weeks.
  • Don’t give up on reaching these contacts—LeadCrunch has already engaged with them by phone.
  • Giving up too soon is the sure-fire way not to see ROI for a campaign.
  • Be sure not to discard any of these leads, we can always continue nurturing them with the blog email newsletter.

#2: Leverage multiple channels like email, phone, LinkedIn

  • These prospects are bombarded with vanilla-style follow-up.
  • Use the tools and templates we provide as directional help, put your own spin on them to personalize your approach in a tone and manner consistent with your communication style.
  • Stand out and let them know you are a human, genuinely trying to help solve their problem.

#3: Be patient

  • These leads are designed to identify companies early on in their buying cycle.
  • That doesn’t mean you won’t find low-hanging fruit.
  • Be prepared to nurture for mid-term and long-term opportunities.

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