Sales enablement content: 7 things you need now

Effective sales teams have the support of strong leadership, a solid database to call on, and customer-centric, value-driven content. Sales enablement materials are critical in helping your reps have productive conversations with prospective customers. Here are several examples:

1. Personas
Data and insights from your ideal customers are critical in developing effective buyer personas that highlight unique pain points, needs, and expectations. Here are some tips on how you can create buyer personas.

For this IT services provider, we created buyer personas with memorable quotes that made it easy for the team to remember each role’s critical need to help frame sales conversations.

2. Case studies
We’ve surveyed many sales teams who are looking for help and case studies are one of the most requested pieces of content.

Clients are looking for results. And being able to share those results with prospects can help convince them to work with you.

Highlighting multiple proof points shows a history of success at-a-glance.

3. Sales pitch decks
Stories stick. Facts don’t. Sales decks that sell focus on telling a story from a customer-solution point of view.

We helped polish a pitch deck for Wrench Fleet that uses animation to compare the old way of managing a company’s fleet maintenance and repair with the new, smarter way Wrench offers.

4. Sales reference cards, discussion guides, and scripts
We’ve all gotten sales calls where the salesperson is clearly reading a script. The purpose of sales scripts is to provide a guideline on how to approach different types of sales conversations and put them into your own voice. Sales reference cards and discussion guides can be especially helpful because they highlight your elevator pitch, qualifying questions, proof points, and objection handling.

5. Datasheets
Well-designed datasheets sum up your product or solution, its benefits, and how it works using graphical elements to reinforce the story you are telling.

We designed a datasheet, explaining the technology behind Designated Driver’s solution for autonomous vehicles.

6. Explainer videos
Videos are a great way to help explain complex topics to your audience. They can be used during sales presentations or sent as follow up to a sales conversation.

We created this video that explains how prospects can transform industrial data into actionable information through engineering, operations, and maintenance software solutions.

7. Blogs and social content
If you haven’t invested in a blog or social media, you’re missing an opportunity to tell a deeper story. It’s so easy for your sales team to share content on their social channels to reach customers and prospects with valuable and timely sales enablement content.

We help Badgley Phelps create blogs that their wealth managers share on social channels to keep them top of mind with their network.

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