Free Download: Three smart strategies for marketing and communications in today’s retail-influenced healthcare landscape

Market to patients like customers

Everyone everywhere needs healthcare. But just as the power has shifted to the consumer in nearly every industry including transportation, retail, and financial services, patients have new expectations for their healthcare experience. Patients are now customers. And just as customers read reviews for a new pair of shoes before buying or expect to be able to reach a helpdesk 24/7 when their computer breaks, they have similar expectations of their healthcare experience.

With these new patient expectations, it’s more critical than ever to evaluate every aspect of your marketing and branding with an eye toward highlighting the positive healthcare experiences your organization is offering today.

In this guide, you’ll learn about how to:
  • Audit your communications against your patient experience.
  • Establish proper brand positioning.
  • Communicate what’s important to your patient-customers through the right channels.

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