Three ways to make your medical technology marketing stand out

Spreading the word about tools for providers and researchers

Marketing medical technology can be more challenging than marketing consumer technology. Safety and privacy are the primary messages for anything used in a healthcare system—but if everyone is touting safety and privacy, how do you differentiate? Here are three ways to stand out.

1.iArm salespeople with differentiated messaging
Your salespeople are the voice of your product—taking the time to ensure they have compelling messaging at their fingertips is worth it. And while specs are important, in today’s retail-like world of healthcare where patients may choose a provider based on the technology available at his/her practice, it’s more crucial than ever to lead with the customer benefit.

For example, we help Microsoft support its OEMs with standout messaging used at retail—including messaging for various HP Solutions for Healthcare. We speak to customer benefits like easy touch log-on through surgical gloves versus talking about the specs of the machine itself.

2. Show don’t tell with video
Everyone is talking about their technology; go the extra mile by showing how it works and interviewing designers about the development process to speak to what makes your solution superior to the competition’s. Not only does video give you assets for your email and social campaigns, but it also can help improve your search results.

For Providence Digital Innovation Group, a group within Providence Health and Services focused on improving medical care through technological advancement, we’ve produced several videos that show the technology and spotlight the engineers behind it. Watch the latest here >

3. Tout customer success stories
Concise and to-the-point case studies can help tell your product story better than many other methods because it’s essentially a third-party endorsement instead of a humblebrag on your part. Gated case studies can help with lead generation efforts. And a case study is easily repurposed into blogs, videos, social media snippets, and more, so you get more bang for your marketing buck.

We regularly help our longtime client, Zemax, highlight medical devices created using its optical design software. An example is this case study about a breakthrough handheld eye imaging device created by a Duke University biomedical engineering graduate student. This content was adapted for a blog, native advertising, and social media.

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