Visionary autonomous vehicle technology launched at NVIDIA GTC

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is a global conference series providing training, insights, and direct access to experts on the hottest topics in computing today. And it provides an excellent stage for innovators to introduce breakthrough technologies and next-generation products. The automotive/transportation sector was a hot topic for good reason: There’s an enormous market opportunity for companies that can get autonomous vehicles on the road safely.

As autonomous vehicle technology is developed, companies will need a way to address challenging situations a vehicle may encounter, such as construction zones, accident sites, or severe weather conditions. That’s where Designated Driver takes the wheel, providing remote operation of any vehicle in any situation. By augmenting autonomous vehicle technology with a layer of human control when needed, companies developing these solutions can expand their market reach.

Launching their teleoperation platform at GTC, Designated Driver turned to GA to develop a website. In just four weeks, GA positioned Designated Driver as a trusted resource led by well-known automotive industry visionaries offering:

  • In-vehicle hardware and software kit
  • Remote driver station hardware and software kit
  • Teleoperation as a service

We are thrilled to be part of the pit crew marketing this new venture, and excited to watch as they speed past the competition in the teleoperation space, becoming a market leader in solutions for seamless autonomy.


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