Marketing optical design for autonomous vehicles

You may not immediately think “optics” when considering autonomous vehicles, but optical technologies such as lasers, lidar, and omnidirectional camera systems are the backbone of autonomy. These technologies enable a driverless vehicle to maneuver the roads, warn against collisions, detect objects in blind spots, and see things that even the human eye cannot. GA Creative client Zemax offers a software suite that enables companies designing optics for the driverless space to get to market quickly.

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The demand for trust in the self-driving space

The autonomous vehicles space offers significant potential for businesses from car companies to software and hardware manufacturers to lidar developers to camera makers and far beyond. But as an industry, autonomy is also faced with a major hurdle in the way of widespread adoption: mistrust.

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Man with a beanie and headphones on.

Three things you’ve got wrong about advertising to millennials

Myths about marketing to the youngest adults.

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Explainer video on Mac computer.

Why explainer videos should be part of your marketing strategy

Whether you are marketing a simple product or a complicated one, a clear, concise explanation will help your prospects understand how your product can solve their problem.

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