Three ways to use social media for B2B lead generation

Social media can be just as effective for B2B lead generation as it is for sharing photos of your kids with Grandma. With your buyer personas in place, here are three ways to use social media to turn strangers into visitors into leads into customers into promoters.

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How to create a social media style guide

Social media is a cost-effective and just plain effective way to get the word out about your brand, engage with your fanbase and attract new potential customers. But just like any media campaign, a social media campaign should be grounded in strategy and guided by a style guide.

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Social media likes, comments and followers on a phone.

How a social media expert generates leads, tracks ROI and gets spectacular results

An interview with GA Creative’s social media maven Molly Musler: For nearly 20 years, Molly has developed high-caliber content strategies for major brands – and pairing just-the-right social with other campaign elements is her specialty.

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